Cecy’s Cleaning

Web Design, Web Development, Content and SEO Strategy

Client: Cecy's Cleaning

Web Design, Web Development, Content and SEO Strategy

Completion Date: August 2020

Cecy’s Cleaning is a locally-owned cleaning company serving Phoenix, AZ for over 12 years. They offer personalized, dependable service tailored to the unique needs of their clients.

The objective: Cecy’s Cleaning had an existing website which was using a theme on Wordpress.com. They wanted to update the design so that it is SEO friendly and has a more modern look.

The solution: Since optimizing the site for SEO was a goal, my first step was to see which companies were ranking on the first page of Google using related keywords. The results were large, regional companies that likely have substantial marketing resources.

While I’m sure these companies offer a fine service, I also know that bigger is not always better! And that if I were looking for a cleaning service, I would much rather know and trust the person coming to my home. Cecy’s Cleaning also shared that they truly go above and beyond when compared to these large companies. (Just check out the photos on the live site to see examples!)

So this became the basis for the branding of the website. I wanted to highlight what sets them apart from their competitors: the trust factor and their ability to personalize their services.

Because SEO is an ongoing process that incorporates multiple factors, we also discussed actions to take going forward. I suggested they start a Google business listing to collect client reviews and consider setting-up a business street address to provide location data. Once they have enough reviews, an archive can be added to the website.

Client says: Allison is absolutely outstanding. She built a beautiful, modern, SEO friendly website for my mom's cleaning business. Not only did she do that but, she also educated me and created a reference guide for me. She truly listens to what you need and enhances it to something so much better than you imagined. Also, she is very prompt and communicative. I am definitely working with her in the future.

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