Imperfectly Amazing

Web Design, Development & Copyediting

Client: Imperfectly Amazing

Web Design, Development & Copyediting

November 2020

Imperfectly Amazing is a community for women who feel pulled down a different path away from who they “should” be and towards who they’re meant to be. Offering life, health, and business coaching, Kaluwa helps her clients discover joy and live the authentic lives they crave.

The objective: Kaluwa had an existing WordPress website that was serving both her coaching and tea crafting services but reached a point where it made sense to have separate websites.

The solution: By creating a new website for Imperfectly Amazing, we were able to target the messaging specifically to Kaluwa’s coaching clients. For content strategy, the goal was to highlight the benefits and long term outcomes from her programs to help clients connect with the value of her services. We also wanted to highlight the story behind Imperfectly Amazing and how Kaluwa was once on this journey too.

Check out the homepage here and visit the link below to see the full website!