Sylvia’s Sweets

Web Design, Content Strategy, and Digital Marketing

Client: Sylvia's Sweets

Web Design, Content Strategy, and Digital Marketing

Completion Date: May 2020

This project was part of Skillcrush’s digital marketing courses that cover email, content, and social media marketing. My role was to help Sylvia Sanchez, the fictitious owner of a company called Sylvia’s Sweets. Sylvia offers a variety of baked goods and sweets to busy, millennial women (ages 18-35).

The objective: Although Sylvia has a loyal customer base, she needed my help with growing her business beyond word of mouth referrals.

The solution: The first step was to set marketing goals. Since increasing new customers was a priority, I decided to focus on increasing website page views by 30% and sales by 10% in one quarter. The idea being that increased page views would lead to increased sales.

Next, I needed to clarify Sylvia’s ideal buyer. To do so, I created a buyer persona named Cynthia to represent the majority of Sylvia’s customers.

I then created a landing page to build Sylvia’s email list of potential customers. The page had a simple layout that directed users to a 20% discount in exchange for the user’s email.

I used the landing page in various mock marketing campaigns with email, blogging, social media, and paid ads. The goal was to provide a cohesive experience for customers at each stage of the buying process.

The results: My favorite part of this project was coming up with content topics for Sylvia. Topics included easy snack recipes, tips on baking with natural and organic ingredients, and the story behind her products.

I had trouble integrating SEO keywords into the landing page due to relevant search terms not having a high search volume. My mock recommendation to Sylvia was to focus her SEO/keyword efforts on her blog, which is a longer form of content and offers more opportunities for keywords.

image-of-buyer-persona sylvias-sweets-landing-page